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Orang bilang masa lalu ga usah diingat ... biarlah berlalu ... ?? itu merupakan hak mereka yang bicara Ga ada salahnya emang, Namum bagiku masa lalu merupakan cermin dimana kalo ada yang salah kita berusaha memperbaiki dan kalo ada yang benar kita pertahankan kalo bisa usahakan lebih baik lagi. PAHIT UNTUK DIKENANG .... NAMUN SULIT UNTUK DILUPAKAN Mungkin itulah realita dalam hidupku Kucuba berusaha dengan segala cara untuk melupakannya .... namun .... Sikap dan perbuatanmu ada hal lain yang aku terima, Aku menyadari Bagai Punguk Merindukan Bulan untuk mendampingimu ..... kondisiku pada saat itu ga memungkinkan untuk berkata JUJUR apa tentang perasaanku, namun aku bertekad untuk merencanakan yang terbaik apabila aku bisa mendapatkan pekerjaan. Seiring berjalannya waktu, aku berusaha mencari jalan agar aku punya kekuatan untuk mengatakannya .... Aku bertanya pada diriku Bisakah menjalaninya .... Bisakah melindunginya .... Bisakah membahagiakannya ... Sementara... (more)

sc divorce lawyer discusses legal issues related to divorce in so...

Divorce is a stressful and life altering situation. Having to navigate the complex maze of legal issues certainly adds to the problem. To help estranged couples seek answers to their legal problems, divorce attorney Lauren Taylor offers free consultation. "Divorce laws are constantly updated to help everybody involved in the process. For instance, the latest amendment allows couples to divorce after just 150 days instead of the mandatory one year if couples have filed for a no-fault divorce," explains the divorce attorney in Greenville SC. Besides the no fault ground, the State of SC recognizes four grounds of divorce, viz. habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty, adultery and desertion. As for the deciding on the custody of the child, it is up to the court to make child custody decisions after considering the child's best interests, although both parents have equal right to custody. "Sometimes parents come to inquire if they have to pay for... (more)

g it's just not right

Yesterday I spoke about how I am thankful for God's Grace. The Lord has been so good to me. As I participate in Thanksgiving there is something I want to keep in mind. I must remember, especially today, that there are 492 billionares living in this country. There are 16 million children living in poverty. THAT IS NOT RIGHT! No matter what your faith is, no matter what your politics are, even if you don't have any faith, even if you don't claim any politics, THAT IS NOT RIGHT! This Thanksgiving Day let me remember that there are 16 million children who have nothing to be thankful for, that's right nothing. On this day as I sit in front of this wonderful meal, with the family I Iove, let me ask myself "What am I going to do about all those children"?

The Essentials of Tap Dancing
Tap dancing has seen a sudden rise in the industry as an individual dance form good enough for solo performances. Many people consider it to be great for live performances and displays. More and more people are signing up to learn the art for personal development as well as to pursue it as a fulltime future career. Tap dancing, however, is not the kind of dance form that everyone can master. It requires intense concentration and the ability to merge complex steps into a perfectly rhythmic and synchronized form. In order to learn to tap dance for beginners, one needs to gain control over one’s toes and heels. One of the first things people learn during tap dance is how to do a simple tap step. This is simply accomplished by striking the floor with the ball of the heel in a whipping motion. It is important to remember that the toes – or any other part of the foot – should not touch the floor. One can simply sneak their foot down without any sound when they are first learning;... (more)

Tracy King
A Look at Garvanza Real Estate
The small but historically significant neighborhood of Garvanza has been rediscovered because of the great number homes with character and charm. The historic Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Garvanza has been one of the area's hidden gems that has recently been discovered by a new generation of homebuyers. Like so many neighborhoods in and around Highland Park, Garvanza has been undergoing a renaissance and homes in Garvanza are being restored and property values are steadily increasing. Younger professional couples who have been priced out of hot markets like Silverlake and Eagle Rock are attracted to Garvanza for the sheer number of homes with charm and character that are routinely being put on the market. Many of these interesting homes are being bought up by buyers wanting to restore the homes to their original grandeur … while greatly increasing the value of their investment. Garvanza is bordered by to the west by Highland Park, from which it... (more)

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